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May 31, 2023

Paul Abdool is Global Director of Partnerships at dotCMS.  In this episode, Paul discusses growing up in the Greater Toronto Area, Guyana, family, interests, career, the importance of relationships, and so much more.

May 22, 2023

Janel Joseph is Owner/Founder of JE Joseph Consulting and has worked for the likes of Apple and Dell.  In this episode, Janel discusses growing up in Colorado, family, education, interests, a career in Human Resources, psychology, executive coaching, and so much more!

May 17, 2023

Chris Bryce is CEO, Digital Foresight & Innovation, at Dotfusion.  In this episode, Chris talks about growing up in Canada, childhood interests, getting his start in technology, California, building a B-Corporation, hobbies, and so much more!

May 8, 2023

Justin Sanders is Vice President of Strategy at BlueModus.  In this episode, Justin discusses growing up in Mississippi, early political aspirations, entrepreneurship, sales, strategy, finding a career in technology, remote work, and so much more!

May 1, 2023

Casper Ninteman is VP Global Sales at Enonic.  In this episode, Casper talks about growing up in South Africa, The Netherlands, and Scotland, family, school in England, growing a career in technology sales, moving to Norway, buying a farmhouse built in 1789, managing a farm that goes back thirteen generations, and so...