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Aug 30, 2021

Matthew McQueeny works in digital and project management at Konabos Consulting Inc. In this episode, he discusses growing up in New Jersey, his upbringing, family, NYU, being in New York on 9/11, the New Jersey Nets, content, technology, and so much more!

Aug 22, 2021

Dennis Augustine is a Partner at Konabos Consulting Inc.  In this episode, Dennis talks about Dominica, growing up in Oakville, Ontario, family, going to seminary and being a minister for a decade, technology, horrific tragedy, picking up the pieces, and so much more.

Aug 15, 2021

Konabos Consulting Inc. Partner Akshay Sura recaps his early summer family road trip from California to Florida and back.  Akshay talks about how the Tesla held up, crazy rain showers, conversations on the road, close calls, family, unplugging from work, good food, and so much more.

Aug 9, 2021

Kamruz Jaman is a partner at Konabos Consulting Inc. and an eight-time Sitecore MVP.  In this episode, Kam talks about his birthplace of Bangladesh, family, growing up in England, finding his way into technology, and growing his own family in Canada.

Aug 2, 2021

Marc Lamothe is CMS Systems Admin at American Bath Group.  In this episode, Marc talks about growing up in Quebec, career pivots, and the grief of losing his wife to pancreatic cancer.