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Jul 1, 2024

Rodrigo Peplau is Country Head in Brazil at Arke and a nine-time Sitecore MVP.  In this episode, Rodrigo talks about growing up in Florianópolis and Brazil, family, childhood interests, his career in metal music and technology, Sitecore, engaging with American culture, community, and so much more!

Jun 25, 2024

Preston So is Vice President, Product of dotCMS.  In this episode, Preston discusses growing up in the Mountain West region, cartography, his passion for language, school, Harvard, career, moving to the New York City area, writing, his hopes for his role at dotCMS, and much more!

May 14, 2024

Matteo Frana is Founder and Lead front-end at and  In this episode, Matteo talks about Bergamo, Italy, growing up, family, his start with techology, the advent of the web, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and stories behind the founding of and React Bricks.

Mar 26, 2024

Mick McGurk is

Mar 11, 2024

Joel Varty is the Chief Technology Officer at Agility.  In this episode, Joel talks about growing up in Douro-Dummer, Ontario, living and working on a farm, music and playing guitar, The Canadian Football League, building a career in technology, Toronto, the Agility story, advice to his younger self, and...